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How it Works

Everything you need to know to prepare for the 8th Annual Timmy Awards.

About the Timmy Awards

Since its inception in 2015, the Timmy Awards mission has been simple - to celebrate the best places for tech professionals to work. 7 years later, the Timmys now honors excellence across 6 best in tech awards: best tech startup, manager, work culture, enterprise employer, workplace for diversity, and tech for good.

Today, the Timmy Awards have become a highly sought-after recognition for startups and the Fortune 500 alike, with over 1,200 companies nominated last year alone. This is our ultimate tribute to tech and an opportunity to celebrate the incredible ongoing evolution in this industry.

Key Dates


Extended Nomination Deadline


Finalists Announcements & Voting Polls Open


Community Voting Polls Close


Regional Winners Announcements & Judging


8th Annual Timmy Awards Ceremony

How it Works


The Timmy Awards nomination process allows you to either complete the entire application in one sitting or come back to it at a better time! The nomination form first collects general company information and then dives deeper into why your company deserves to win a Timmy Award. You should have the following information available when filling out your nomination: company logo and/or manager’s headshot, company details (such as location, website etc.), and specific insight into why your nominee deserves to win. We encourage you to nominate a company or tech manager in any applicable award category, free of cost.

Finalist Selection

Once nominations close, finalists will be chosen in each category based on application quality and relevance. The likelihood that a nominee is chosen as a finalist does not increase based on the number of applications, but rather, is based on merit and quality of the application.

Community Voting

All Timmy Award Finalists will compete for the Regional title in their respected category and city. Regional winners are voted on and selected in each of our participating Timmy locations by you, the local tech community. Individuals are welcome to vote once every 24 hours. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Therefore, any bots created to vote multiple times on a finalists’ behalf or the use of any third-party platform to pay individuals to vote will result in disqualification.

Regional Winner Selection

Each year, our esteemed finalists bring in tens of thousands of votes from technologists all over North America. Companies and managers with the highest number of votes in each category will win.

Expert Judging

This year, all Regional Timmy Award Winners will advance in consideration for a 2022 North American Timmy Award, selected and presented by our expert panel of judges. This year’s panel will evaluate and score all Regional Winners based on answers provided in their nomination, those with the highest average score will win.

Awards Ceremony

Like it’s predecessor, the 2022 Timmy Awards Ceremony will be a very special, entirely digital experience honoring this year’s best tech startups, managers, and employers, as well as those who are using technology to make the world a better place. We'll recognize members of the tech community for their resilience, agility and exceptional leadership this past year. Guest speakers from Google, Netflix, Siri and more will announce winners for this year's tech award categories, selected from over 500 nominees across North America.

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