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How to Write a Strong Timmy Award Nomination

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips and tricks for submitting an attention grabbing nomination that's sure to impress the judges. 

What's the key to submitting an award-winning nomination? Answer: Providing the Timmy Awards committee and our expert panel of judges with specific information that highlights what the organization or individual is doing to create an exemplary tech work culture and how those efforts have been successful.

The number of examples (and how you present them) in not as important as ensuring that the nominee's contributions and achievements match the specific award criteria for that category and that there are measurable results. Keep reading for more tips and tricks! 

Be Clear & Specific

Address the award criteria, describing how your nominee excels in the category you have selected. Consider grouping  your ideas under these criteria headings so you don't miss any.

Give specific (and multiple) examples. Focus on how the nominee's contribution is significant and deserving of recognition. Don't forget to address the 'what' AND the 'how"...

  • WHAT did the nominee do?
      • Projects and/or activities that go above and beyond job descriptions?
      • Any challenges encountered and overcome?
      • Any product launches, business pivots, or ground-breaking developments?

    • HOW did the nominee do it?
        • Key initiatives, programs, and/or leadership? 
        • Teamwork, creativity, agility, and/or innovation?
        • Behaviors and/or attitudes?

    • WHAT were the results and/or impact?
        • What did the nominee accomplish?
        • What are the key results that support your nomination?
        • Are there specific benefits derived from those efforts?

Keep it Concise

Don't worry about crafting beautiful paragraphs, write short sentences that are concise and give specific detail. Provide information in a bulleted list, when possible. The goal is quality, not quantity!

Solicit Input & Feedback from your Team(s)

Consider a collaborative nomination - supporting statements from colleagues, team members, and leaders can help create a unique picture of your nominee and provide detailed examples that you don't know about. Anecdotes, insights, direct quotations from colleagues or tech staff, etc. all help strengthen your nomination. 

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Don't forget to communicate your own sincerity and personal commitment. Show that you personally value the contributions of your nominee!

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Avoid Jargon

While you are familiar with your nominee's work, more than likely the members of the selection committee won't be. Keep that in mind as you describe the nature and quality of the contributions and accomplishments.

Submit for Multiple Awards & Keep Recognizing

If you submitted a Timmy Award nomination in the past, consider revising it and citing more recent, specific examples of contributions made over this past year and resubmit. We're happy to share past responses with your team, just ask!  Similarly, be sure to review all of our award categories (and locations!) and tailor your nomination  to fit each one you're eligible for. 

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