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Meet this year's panel of expert judges.

Our judging panel is made up of industry leaders across various sectors of technology, from software development leaders, founders, and venture capitalists, to DEI executives, and more. We tailor our judges' specific areas of expertise to our award categories in order to ensure that our judges' evaluations are of the highest-possible quality.

Adam Cheyer

Co-Founder @ Siri &

Adam O'Donnell

Startups Partnerships @ Zendesk

Ana Chaud

CEO & Startup Advisor @ Lodestar

Arylee McSweaney

Director of Engineering, Frontend Enablement & UX Foundation @ Etsy

Benjamin David Novak

Angel Investor @ Delaware Crossing Investor Group

Denise Reed Lamoreaux

Worldwide Learning Director of Customer Success @ Microsoft

Dr. Anita Jindal

Senior Director of Engineering @ VMware

Erin Liao

Vice President, E2E 5G Systems @ Ericsson

Helen Liu

Venture Capitalist @ Seven Industries

Jeremy Wight

VP, Engineering @ CareMessage

Justin Michela

Vice President, Architecture @ Fidelity Investments

Kapil Agarwal

Engineering Director @ Salesforce

Mukul Joshi

Vice President of Engineering @ Thomson Reuters

Nirmal Srinivasan

Software Engineering Director @ PayPal

Nitant Vaidya

Senior Director of Engineering @

Pankaj Pilaniwala

Product Manager at Google

Sandesh Achar

Director of Cloud Engineering @ Workday

Stacey Yudin

President @ NEP Services

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