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Women in Tech to Watch in 2022

Since 2018, the total amount of women in the tech industry has grown 2.9%, but that has led to women holding only 28.8% of all jobs in the tech workforce. This is compared to women making up 47% of all employed adults in the U.S.

While those numbers are lagging behind other industries, there are more and more women growing into tech leadership roles in the United States. Throughout Tech in Motion's diverse community, here are some of the women who are shaping the future of tech through their wealth of knowledge, creativity and passion. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of women in tech that should be celebrated, these women are poised to accomplish even greater things in 2022 and beyond.

Krishna Nadiminti
Director of DevOps & SRE at Emburse


The director of DevOps and SRE at Emburse, a spend management solutions company, Krishna Nadiminti continues to thrive in the tech industry. A Harvard business grad with over 12 years of experience, Nadiminti has been honored as one of the top 400 female engineers impacting tech across LA and South Bay, founded CREW, an organization built to “contribute to the rise and empowerment of women,” and in her current role has led projects that have reduced costs and accounted to million dollars plus cost savings.

Poppy Coutinho
Manager of Product & Technology at T-Mobile

2-2With over 12 years of experience in tech, Poppy Coutinho has become a leader inside the burgeoning Dallas-Fort Worth tech scene. With stints at Google and YouTube (receiving two gold awards as well as an outstanding contribution award from Chad Hurley, the co-founder of YouTube), Coutinho now works at T-Mobile, building a high-impact team that is delivering results for both the business and well as the customer.

Katie Madding
Chief Product Officer at Adjust


Since 2014 Katie Madding has leveraged her tech acumen, businesses skills and empathy for the customers to become a leader at Adjust, an international mobile marketing analytics platform. Now the Chief Product Officer, this Wharton School Alum is now in charge of Adjust’s product and engineering teams, with her guidance leading to successful first-to-market launches. In 2020 alone, Madding's team nearly doubled the number of new features and feature updates launched. 

Indu Narayan
VP of Data Engineering at Yieldmo


Providing leadership experience for companies in Data Sciences, Engineering and Business Intelligence, Indu Narayan has continued to grow in the NYC tech market for over a decade. As the VP of Data Engineering at a company that delivers billions of ad impressions every month, Narayan’s skills in strategizing and successful implementation of large-scale enterprise data infrastructure have been vital to the continued success of Yieldmo.

Dr. Lauren Neal
VP of Data Science at Booz Allen Hamilton


A Timmy Award Winner for Best Tech Manager, Dr. Lauren Neal has been at the forefront of data analytics and AI solutions in the Washington D.C. area. Beyond her role as the VP of Data Science at Booz Allen Hamilton, an internationally renowned management and IT consulting firm, Neal is the founder of the Booz Allen Women in Data Science group, which “aims to develop diverse data science leaders and inspire the next generation of women data scientists.”

It is clear that adding women to leadership roles in tech is not only a societal benefit but also positively contributes to a company’s bottom line. Studies have shown that companies where 30% of leaders are women have a 15% increase in profitability compared to similar firms with no female leaders. Despite this, women only hold 28% of leadership positions in tech. Leaders like these and many others are at the forefront of the charge of growing the number of women in tech and inspiring the next generation of tech workers.

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