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The Best Tech Startups in North America, According to Technologists

All across North America, tech startups are leading the way in creating revolutionary new products and services while establishing business cultures that are the envy of industries across all sectors. It's important to celebrate the companies that are not only doing great things but also doing it the right way. That's why Tech in Motion founded the Timmy Awards, where the tech community comes together to honor the very best the IT industry has to offer. One of the categories is the Best Tech Startup, which recognizes companies built by forward-thinking leaders with a product or service that aims to disrupt the market.

After a public voting process, the companies below were chosen by technologists across North America for their agility, innovation, and resilience, as well as their ability to foster an outstanding work environment for their employees.

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Without further ado, here are the top tech startup companies in North America, as voted on by the tech community in North America:



Atlanta, Georgia

Stord is on a mission to help leading companies build and scale optimized, cloud-based supply chains. They are providing technology and freight solutions for shippers and warehouses across North America at a time when the demands and expectations of e-commerce are more challenging than ever for supply chains, with companies adopting different software across systems in order to conquer these challenges.

stavvy export

Boston, Massachusetts

Stavvy, a fully integrated digital mortgage and banking platform, is empowering consumers, lenders, and vendors to securely and efficiently facilitate financial transactions like never before. While technology has improved processes for many other industries, the way a home loan is transacted doesn't look much different today than it did decades ago, and in some cases, it is more complicated. Stavvy allows closings and other transactions to be simplified and remote while ensuring total compliance, bringing an antiquated process into the modern fintech market.

ribbon export

Charlotte, North Carolina

Ribbon is the leading real estate software to create a more level playing field for everyday homebuyers, sellers, and agents. As a homeownership company, Ribbon enables everyday buyers to upgrade their offer to a non-contingent, all-cash offer, ensuring a guaranteed close to provide the strongest offer in real estate. For sellers, Ribbon provides the speed and certainty of cash. Ribbon boasts an offer acceptance rate of over 80% made possible by a compelling, tangible mission and fair offer process.


traj export

Chicago, Illinois 

Trajektory has established a new category of “partner intelligence” within the sports, media, and entertainment industry that has been frustratingly underserved until now. With its first-of-its-kind insights hub, centralized aggregated reporting, proprietary asset valuation tool, and industry-leading market intelligence, Trajektory is primed to fundamentally change how an $11B sponsorship industry approaches its data, analytics, and technology strategies.

upshot export

Dallas, Texas

Launched in 2016 as a platform to incorporate user engagement and gamification in a single tool, is a full-lifecycle analytics, user engagement, and gamification platform that allows digital, product, and marketing teams to leverage the power of timely, contextual, and personalized nudges to boost adoption and conversions on mobile apps and websites, thereby driving strong results for their organizations. Their three main pillars (Behavioral Theory, Gamification Principles, and Learning Theory) have led to customers using experiences seeing up to 300% increments in revenue.


harri export

New York City, New York

Harri is an all-in-one HCM platform that empowers managers to focus on their greatest asset, their people. From robust hiring tools and compliance-driven workforce management software to employee communications and analytics, Harri creates engaging employee experiences starting the moment someone applies for a job to their 90th day on the job and beyond. An all-in-one solution built by hospitality, for hospitality, Harri puts the employee experience first by focusing on critical, yet often overlooked, day-to-day restaurant operations and removing administrative burdens from growing teams.


neuroflow export

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

NeuroFlow is a healthcare technology and analytics company enabling behavioral health access and engagement across the continuum of care. Combining validated techniques, data science, and behavioral economics, NeuroFlow helps leading insurance, healthcare, and government organizations deliver personalized, evidence-based behavioral health solutions.


extend export

San Francisco Bay Area

Protecting the products people love and use every day, Extend is a modern product protection platform that provides seamless integration so merchants of all sizes can get up and running quickly with minimal technical lift. Handling everything from offer merchandising and optimization to claims adjudication to an amazing end-to-end customer experience, Extend lets merchants focus on what matters--creating and selling great products. That’s why leading manufacturers partner with Extend; they can deliver a delightful experience their customers expect, while driving revenue, improving profitability, and creating more advocates.


endpoint export

Southern California

Endpoint is a digital title and escrow company built from the ground up to reimagine the home closing experience. Through the combination of innovative technology, a simplified closing process, and an experienced team of people, Endpoint is on a mission to completely change the industry — delivering an effortless real estate closing from start to finish. The closing experience guides buyers to their keys, helps sellers enter their next chapter, and ensures real estate agents get their commissions. Endpoint believes closing on a home is a milestone worth celebrating and should be a process that is effortless for all parties involved.

darwin ai export

Toronto, Ontario

DarwinAI is an Explainable AI (XAI) technology company that is disrupting the manufacturing space. Utilizing their unique IP, DarwinAI is enabling large enterprises to unlock efficiencies in their manufacturing processes through our best-in-class visual quality inspection systems which leverage AI. The combination of their core IP and high touch customer support that enables adoption and establishes trust with their clients puts DarwinAI at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution by bringing AI-based solutions to industrial use-cases in impactful and economically beneficial ways.

goodshuffle export

Washington, D.C.

A SaaS company serving powerful, easy-to-use software to the events industry, Goodshuffle Pro has risen as one of the leading competitors in the market since launching in 2018. Goodshuffle has built an innovative system that offers event professionals flexibility and customization to manage their businesses. By truly listening to users’ business challenges and feedback on the software, the Goodshuffle team has been agile in developing a product that’s not only technologically savvy but also built to truly solve the problems its users face.


To see who won the Timmy Award for Best Tech Startup and all the other North American Timmy winners, check out the 2021 Timmy Awards Ceremony, hosted by entrepreneur and motivational speaker Dan Ram below or on YouTube.