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Innovating in Challenging Times: A Fireside Chat with Ro & Valqari

Innovation is a tricky process – hard to manage and even harder to measure. When revenues and earnings decline during a crisis, it’s easy write off your innovation efforts as ‘too risky’ or ‘just not worth it’. But if this year has taught us anything – it’s that when done right, innovation is our secret weapon against market slowdowns and a beacon for rejuvenating growth.

In this fireside chat, we hear from Benjamin Novak, Angel Investor and Partner at Morgan Lewis (Best Tech Startup Judge), Ryan Walsh, Co-Founder & CEO at Valqari (2020 Best Tech Startup Timmy Award Winner) and Chloe Pi, Chief of Staff at Ro (2020 Best Tech for Good Timmy Award Winner), as they share their growth stories, plus how they have pivoted their strategies to build award-winning products, teams, and solutions to this year's biggest challenges.

In this webinar you'll:

  • Hear how these award-winning startups have pivoted in response to both threats and opportunities in 2020
  • Explore some of their biggest takeaways and lessons learned from their industries and other sectors
  • Learn what new or fluctuating consumer behaviors will impact growth & innovation plans for 2021
  • Get tips on building effective partnerships
  • Receive expert advice for creating a culture of innovation and risk-taking
  • Pick these Timmy Award winners' brains during our live Q&A following the discussion