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8th Annual Timmy Awards Showcases North America’s 2022 Best in Tech

The eyes of the tech world were on the 8th edition of Tech in Motion’s Timmy Awards, an event where the tech community came together and showcased the best companies and managers in tech in 2022.

On a night full of fun, surprises, and recognition of how the tech community can help build a better tomorrow, here are the 2022 North American Timmy Award Winners:

Best Tech Startup: C. Light Technologies

With neurotechnology that is charting new territory, including the FDA-submitted Retitrack that uses AI to measure cellular movements at a size of 1/100th of a human hair in the retina (back of the eye), C. Light has discovered that different neurological disorders (e.g. Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, concussions) produce different patterns of cellular eye motion.

Best Tech Manager: Julie Kastner, Chief Product Officer, NeuroFlow

Kastner has thrived at NeuroFlow since her start, taking ownership of both the product and engineering teams for the first two years of her tenure. She continues to impress those inside and out of Neuroflow with her prioritization practices, mentorship of numerous female employees inside the company and initiatives leading to the addition of robust family benefits.

Best Tech Work Culture: Research Innovations, Inc.

Encouraging team members to bring their interests and passions to work each day, Research Innovation attributes their continued success to consistently investing in their culture and community to create an environment that empowers employees and cultivates innovation.

Best Tech for Diversity: Snyk

Snyk puts a priority on creating a culture that celebrates the best of everyone in their company with programs like the Snyk Week of Impact, a weeklong global volunteering initiative in 7 cities across 5 countries, along with employee resource groups that help present DE&I programming throughout the year. Additionally, by partnering with nonprofit coding bootcamps and using inclusive language in job descriptions, Snyk strives to hire and help grow those that are typically underrepresented in tech. 

Best Tech Enterprise Employer: Fivetran

Fivetran, the go-to provider and solution for companies looking to modernize their data infrastructure, leverages automation and cloud data platforms to make data centralization and analysis incredibly easy for their customers.

Tech for Good: Saildrone

Saildrone has a vision of a healthy ocean and a safe, sustainable planet, along with a mission to sustainably explore, map, and monitor the ocean to understand, protect, and preserve our world by developing uncrewed surface vehicles (USV).

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These North American Timmy Winners were truly the head of the class in tech this year, with each going in front of a panel of expert judges in their field and emerging victorious over the other worthy Regional Winners from across North America.

The fully virtual event started even before the show began, with pre-show networking and breakout rooms available for technologists to get together and build a stronger tech community.

Once the show started, viewers were welcomed by Director of Tech in Motion Cara Sweeney, and then host and keynote speaker Kate O’Neill took the stage. “The Tech Humanist,” O’Neill brought her experience as an author and CEO of KO Insights to help guide the audience through the future of tech work and how all of us have to power and potential to change the future.

In addition to O’Neill, major tech figures joined the ceremony to announce the North American winners and share their thoughts on the tech world. Presenters included: Ana Chaud, CEO at Lodestar, Nirmal Srinivasan, Senior Director of Engineering at Chime, Mukul Joshi, VP of Engineering at Thomson Reuters,  Sandesh Achar, Director of Cloud Engineering at Workday and Lindiwe Davis, Senior DEI Practitioner/Leader at Google Cloud. 


“More than ten years ago, we started Tech in Motion to bring our local tech communities together, hoping to help facilitate connection, knowledge sharing and innovation between each other,” said Lindsay Lewis, Executive Director of Marketing at Motion Recruitment, founder of Tech in Motion. “At the end of the day, we’ve been the ones moved by your inspiration, your resilience and your growth.”

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the 2022 Timmy Awards, if you missed out on the event it is available on demand. Want to know how to be involved in 2023? Contact us at